About Gabion Wire

Gabion Wire

Product description

  • The steel wire used in the manufacturing of gabions has a heavy zinc coating. Our in-house wire drawing and galvanizing facility ensures maximum control on the end products.
  • We ensure that gabions made from our wires provide added protection for use in polluted environments or wherever the risk of corrosion is present.


  • Uniform surface finish, surface free from high points
  • High process controls ensure product is free from flaking
  • Testing process ensures maximum flexibility and strength, making our product more conducive for gabions
Technical specifications
Diameter 2.20 mm - 4.00 mm
Grade Mild Steel
Tensile Strength 350 - 500 N/mm2
Zinc Coating 220 g/m2 - 300 g/m2
Standards BS 1442 (1969)
ASTM A 4 11 , BS EN 10257-1 (1998), IS 3975 (1999) IS 280(1978), BS 10223 Part 3, EN 10244-2, ASTM 641, EN 10016,