Stainless Steel Wires

Wire for Kitchen and Utensils

Product description

Our wires are well matched and integral in the manufacturing of kitchenware and steel utensils. They are also highly suitable for electro polishing.

The shaped and profiled wires are engineered in a smooth and precise manner, making them favorable for use in kitchenware across the globe.

Technical Specifications

Based on the requirements of various kitchen and steel utensils, we offer a range of wires in diameters ranging from 1.0 mm to 6.0 mm. From fine mirror polishing to excellent surface finishing, our wires allow for creation of superior products.

These wires are also available in various grades like AISI 304, 316, 316 L thereby offering better options.


Safe packaging and delivery of these wires is essential to our promise of efficient end-to-end service. Our standard packing of wires is in superlative HDPE packing that ensures that the product reaches its destination in ‘mill fresh’ condition whether by air, land or air.

But we also understand your need for specific packaging of these goods and have the resources for maximum customization as required. Supplies are also made in Euro Coils/Cheese Coils and 'Wooden reels and metal reels'.


These wires created for kitchenware and steel utensils find suitable application not just in the food industry but are also are widely used in medical applications. Due to their quality, they are also often used for decorative and architectural purposes. Fabricated baskets, trolleys, medical trays, kitchen appliances, etc. are some of the products created through the use of these wires.