Research and Development

Systematic Group - an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company has a discrete research and development unit dedicated to fostering technological advances in wire technology.

We strive to develop higher quality products by utilizing innovative manufacturing processes for both galvanized and non-galvanized wire products.

One recent result of our extensive R&D efforts has been the development of a unique galvanizing technology which results in a highly corrosion resistant zinc coating. This process yields a 25% greater resistance to corrosion than conventional galvanizing processes.

Due to our consistent efforts, we are the leaders in India in the manufacture of environmentally friendly (lead and acid free) galvanizing processes. We are in advanced stages of implementing an electro-magnetic wiping process, utilizing a drossfree flux system, and manufacturing Galfan wires, each of which is a first in India.


Our Commitment

Quality is an integral part of Systematic Group's values; we are committed to produce the best possible product that meets or exceeds customer expectations.

We perform rigorous quality control checks that begin upon the intake of raw materials and continue at each individual stage of the manufacturing process.

Quality Control

Our manufacturing units are installed with state of the art testing facilities. Our vigilant team of quality control technicians carefully scrutinizes every product at each stage of the manufacturing process to weed out all sub-standard products and material.


  • High adherence
  • Homogenous coating Thickness
  • High resistance to environmental rusting
  • Minimum size variations
  • Long lasting luster from chromating