About Systematic Group LTD

The Systematic way

  • 1

    Growth Orientation

    We must continuously grow in revenue, volume, new markets, new products, and customers.

  • 2

    Employee Growth

    We are an Employee First organization. We will provide opportunity for Career Growth, better work life balance, remuneration, and skill enhancement of employees. We will provide adequate and continuous training, education and better work ambience. All the employees will be treated with respect and dignity.

  • 3

    Growth of Customers

    Our intentions will be focused on how we can facilitate the growth of our customers as we strongly believe that the growth of our customer will help us achieve our growth. We must have personal relationship with the customers and share our knowledge for their benefit.

  • 4


    We must engage towards creating a positively charged atmosphere in the organization which ultimately results in overall happiness of all the people around us. Our communication should reflect positive behavior towards everyone. We will continuously engage in recognizing, appreciating, and motivating people in order to spread happiness around us. We will monitor the happiness quotient of our people.

  • 5


    We must deliver our commitments on time without follow ups with internal and external customers.

  • 6

    Entrepreneurial Spirit

    We must provide the environment where all the employees should have belongingness towards the organization and take the ownership of the work assigned. They will be monitored for their individual and team performance and recognized and rewarded accordingly.

  • 7


    We must always be on our toes and strive to be ahead of the competition. We must regularly analyze our cost, quality, and delivery. We must cut the extra flab in our costs to deliver value to our stakeholders.

  • 8

    Service Orientation

    We have to treat everyone like a customer and we must understand that our existence is because of him. We must consistently do result oriented communication and action.

  • 9

    High Productivity, High Efficiency

    We will set goals and targets (KRA’s) for all activities of business and monitor and review them periodically. We must take corrective steps if required.

  • 10

    Sustainable Returns to Stakeholders

    We must ensure that all our activities will generate sustainable returns for our stakeholders and holistic growth of the organization.