Spring Steel Wire

Spring Steel Wire

Spring Steel Wire Manufacturer in India

Diameter 1.00 mm – 5.00 mm
Surface Finish Phosphated and oiled
Standards IS 4454 – Part I GR I, GR II, GR III
Diameter 0.30 mm – 2.10.00 mm
Standard IS: 1835-1976
Packaging Wire ropes for Marine, Oil and Gas, Structural, Cranes, Fishing, Elevators applications
Coil Weight: Tightly bound coils of 50 – 250 kg
Packing Coils are oiled and wrapped in hessian cloth
  • Automotive products
  • Balls & Taper roller Bearings
  • Braiding hoses
  • Chains
  • Conveyor belts
  • Filters, Spokes
  • Springs
  • Tying wire
  • Wire ropes
Compression springs Wire
Steel Springs Wire Ropes

Spring Steel Wire

Spring Steel Wire

Product description

Steel springs are another of the many products that our stainless steel wires can produce. The high tensile strength of our spring steel wires allow for production of a spectrum of products like precisions springs, compression springs, tension springs, wire form, pins and wire ropes.

We take great pride in the highly tested quality of our products. The surface is smoothened to precision and made corrosion and heat resistant. The spring steel wires are built with excellent fatigue strength and are devoid of any cracks, pits and marks.

The wires are available in standard specifications like ½ Hard, ¾ Hard or Full Hard condition. These can be supplied as per requirement.

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