CO2 /MIG Welding Wire

CO2 MIG Welding Wire

CO2 MIG Welding Wire Manufacturer in India

Diameter 0.80 mm, 1.00 mm, 1.20 mm, 1.60 mm
Grades AWS – 5.18 ER 70S6
AWS ER-90SG and Other Grades Available
Packaging 12.50kg, 15 kg and Drum Pack 100kg, 150kg, 250kg (Jumbo Pack)
C Mn Si S P Cu
0.060.15 1.401.85 0.801.15 0.035 Max 0.025 Max 0.50 Max
(GL = 4D)
(CVN) Impact Value at
400.00 (Min) 480 (Min) 22.0% (Min)
−29º C > 27 J
Diameter in mm 0.80 1.00 1.20 1.60
Current (in Amp) 50180 80220 120280 200400
  • Automobile Silencers
  • Petrol/Diesel/Gas Tanks, Scooter
  • Cycle spare parts & accessories
  • Automobile Body
  • LPG Gas Cylinders
  • Boilers
  • Poles & Steel Towers
  • Steel furniture
  • Scaffoldings
  • Gratings & all other welding in steel fabrication
CO2 /MIG Welding Wire Good Conductivity
MIG Welding Wire
MIG Welding Wire Copper coated

CO2 /MIG Welding Wire

CO2 /MIG Welding Wire

Product description
  • CO2 MIG WIRE is Copper coated solid wire for Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW).
  • Our wire is suitable for welding of sheet metal, carbon steels, and low alloy steels including structural steel with a tensile strength up to 540 N/mm2.
  • Our MIG wires are high performing with smooth flow, stable arc, and minimum spatter.
  • We provide thin and uniform copper coating that ensures good conductivity which ensures high speed feeding and optimum performance.
  • Our rigorous inspection ensures that the wire gives excellent radiographic quality welds.
  • We can supply wires in drum packaging, which will help our customers make the most of their time and save cost.
  • Our large production capacity, hi-tech machines, and testing facilities ensure lowest lead time in procuring wires.

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