Shaped/Profile Wire

Shaped/Profile Wire

Cross SectionThicknessThickness: WidthCorners
Flat0.500.907 timesNatural/Sharp
1.002.006 timesNatural/Sharp
2.103.004 timesNatural/Sharp
Cross SectionThickness x WidthThickness: WidthCorners
Min.(mm)Max. (mm)Max.
Square0.7 x 0.78.0 x 8.0Round/Sharp
Rectangular0.5 x 0.96.0 x 10.0Round/Sharp
Trapezoidal1.2 x 1.86.0 x 10.0Natural/Round/Sharp
Cross SectionThickness/RadiusThickness: WidthCorners
Half Round1.4/0.710.00/5.004 timesNatural/Round/Sharp

The shaped wires are supplied in 450 mm – 500 mm.

I.D coils with a coil weight of 50 – 100 kg, depending on the size of wire. The coils are oiled and packed with polythene and Hessian.


Shaped/Profile Wire

Product description
  • Shaped wires are manufactured from stainless steel, high carbon steel and mild steel wires as per the application and the requirement
  • These wires are further drawn in Flat, Square, Triangular, Half-round and Trapezoidal shapes.
  • The profile of the wires can be adjusted to meet customer’s actual needs.

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