Galvanized Steel Tapes

Galvanized Steel Tape

Thickness: 0.20 mm to 0.90 mm
Width: 20 mm to 90 mm
Tensile Strength: 28 to 50 kgf/mm2
Elongation: Minimum 10% on 254 mm gauge length.
Zinc Coating: Minimum 110 gm/sqm to 140 gm/sqm (total weight on all four sides). However, this can be increased to suit customer’s requirements.
Packaging: Galvanized steel tape coils are wrapped in strong water proof sea-worthy packing.Other types of packing can be done as required.
Galvanised Steel Tape Termite attack
Galvanised Steel Tape Mechanical Protection

Galvanised Steel Tape

Galvanized Steel Tape

Product description

Armouring cable tape is designed to provide the cable with some mechanical protection to maintain its structural integrity, which means the cable can withstand higher stresses, is suitable for direct burial, and can be used in external underground and underwater projects.

Steel tape armour has high resistance to vermin and termite attack. Galvanized Steel Tape is well appreciated for high tensile strength, durability and resistant to corrosion. Galvanized Steel Tapes are manufactured according to customer’s requirements and specifications.

Our products conform to IS 3975 standard.


The surface of Galvanized steel tape is free from scales, seams, Zinc flakes and other surface imperfection. The zinc coating is smooth and continuous.

FAQs about galvanized steel tapes

Galvanized steel comes in many forms. One of the most widely used is the armored cable tapes that are also referred to as galvanized steel tape. Power cables also use galvanized steel tape due to their corrosion resistance, anti-rust properties, and unparalleled protective zinc coating.

Galvanized steel tapes are available in coils that are securely wrapped in waterproof packaging so as to give it strong mechanical protection. Due to this, the steel tapes can be safely used deep under seawater or underground without any risk of damage.

Here are some frequently asked questions about galvanized steel tapes which will satisfy your curiosity and answer your doubts.

Technical specifications of galvanized steel tape:

Galvanized steel tape comes with:

  • Thickness of 0.2 – 2 mm with a width of 300 mm.
  • The tensile strength is 28 to 50 kgf/mm2
  • The mass of zinc coating is 60 gms/m2 to 275 gms/m2 and includes both sides and the edges.
  • The inner diameter ranges from 160 mm, 180 mm, 205 mm, 250 mm.
  • Packing ensures complete safety during shipping.

Uses of galvanized steel tapes

Galvanized steel tapes are used mainly in the telecommunication industry for armoring power cables, telecommunication cables, jelly-filled tele-cables, etc. They also find their application in some of the engineering projects.

Galvanized steel tape of Systematic Group

Systematic Group can proudly flaunt their armoring cable tapes as the best available in the market. The structural integrity of the tapes is maintained with a design that provides ample mechanical protection. This enables you to use your galvanized steel tapes without fear in any underground projects in the seabed or the earth.

The advantage of galvanized steel tape from Systematic Group is its high resistance to rust. We, at Systematic, specialize in manufacturing customized steel tapes as per the requirements of its valuable customers. Detailed measuring is done to get the precise specifications.

We galvanize steel tapes using hot-dipped GI process which ensures zinc coating on all the 4 sides. Rotation from all 4 sides enhances the life of the cable.

How to choose the best galvanized steel tapes

While choosing the best-galvanized steel tape, one must take into consideration the following points:

  • Standards
  • Zinc coating
  • Expected tensile load
  • Estimated pressure on the cable
  • Protection from accidental damage

Why choose galvanized steel tape from Systematic Ltd?

We, at Systematic Ltd, keep our customers on the highest pedestal, diligently working to add value and offer 24/7 support and service to them. Our knowledgeable support team ensures a smooth delivery that is prompt, on-time and hassle-free. And, to top it all you get our best quality galvanized steel tapes at cost-effective prices.

Right from the shipment up to the manufacturing of the cable tapes, we ensure complete customer satisfaction and damage-free delivery. International quality standards are maintained for a pleasurable experience to our customers. Packing is done in plywood or plastic cartons separating each roll in an exemplary way.

We are the front runners in the manufacture of Galvanized steel tapes in India as well as abroad. We have an esteemed customer base in countries such as the UK, Sri Lanka, Middle East, and others.

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