Spring Steel Wire

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Our spring steel wire specifications range from diameters of 1.0 mm to 6.0 mm and are available in various grades like 302, 304 and 316 thereby offering more options. The wires are available in bright or matt finish and can be ordered as required.

Safe packaging and delivery of these wires is essential to our promise of efficient end-to-end service. Our standard packing of wires is in superlative HDPE packing that ensures that the product reaches its destination in ‘mill fresh’ condition whether by air, land or air.

But we also understand your need for specific packaging of these goods and have the resources for maximum customization as required. Supplies are also made in Euro Coils/Cheese Coils and ‘Wooden reels and metal reels’.



Spring Steel Wire

Product description

Steel springs are another of the many products that our stainless steel wires can produce. The high tensile strength of our spring steel wires allow for production of a spectrum of products like precisions springs, compression springs, tension springs, wire form, pins and wire ropes.

We take great pride in the highly tested quality of our products. The surface is smoothened to precision and made corrosion and heat resistant. The spring steel wires are built with excellent fatigue strength and are devoid of any cracks, pits and marks.

The wires are available in standard specifications like ½ Hard, ¾ Hard or Full Hard condition. These can be supplied as per requirement.

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