Welded Wire Mesh

Welded Wire Mesh

Welded Wire Mesh / Jali

Manufacturing Range Minimum Maximum
Wire Diameter size 2.00 mm 8.00 mm
Section of the roll 25 mm 200 mm
Width of the roll 900 mm (3 feet) 2700 mm (9 feet)
Raw Material Grade Mild Steel Wire
Galvanized Wire
SS Wire
High Carbon Wire
Standards IS 1566
IS 432 (part II)/1982/2002
Rolls Strech flim plastic wrapping or HDPE
Sheets Strech flim wrapping mounted on wodden pallete
  • Aerials
  • Gabions
  • Cable Tray
  • Machine Guarding
  • Roll Containers
  • Security Grilles & Window Guards
  • Storage Baskets And Trays
  • Security Cages And Compounds
  • Trolleys / Hand Baskets
  • Safety Guarding And Barriers
  • Fencing
  • Filtration Screens
  • Cable Trays
  • Bins, Carriers & Window Grills
  • Partitions & Shelters
  • Cages Guards
Welded Wire Mesh Square
Welding Wire mesh manufacturer
Welded Wire Mesh used in Poultry, green-houses, gratings.


Welded Wire Mesh

Product description
  • Systematic Group employs the latest welded mesh production machinery and operates at the leading edge of technology in the Welded mesh field & Stainless Steel Wire Mesh.
  • Systematic has a certified wire mesh manufacturer and is continuously supplying wire mesh to marqee infrastruture projects.
  • The welded mesh manufacturing facility has been built to ensure the most efficient, effective, and economical production. Therefore we provide the best possible combination of price, service and delivery to our customers.


  • Systematic Group has the largest in house capacity of wire drawing and galvanising in the Weldmesh industry in India, thereby assuring uncompromised quality and delivery.
  • We also customize wire mesh forms into sheets for various applications such as poultry, green-houses, gratings etc.

FAQs about wire mesh

Wire mesh also known as wire fabric or wire cloth is an indispensable product in today’s fast-paced world. It finds its applications in a plethora of industries ranging from agriculture to construction.

Here are some frequently asked questions about wire mesh which will satisfy your curiosity and answer your doubts.

What is wire mesh?

Wire mesh is a commonly welded metal wire screen that resembles a sturdy net. It is commonly made of carbon steel wire or stainless steel wire. It comes in rolls and sheet forms.

How is a wire mesh made?

Wire mesh is made out of metal wire that is welded. Steel wire mesh is either made of carbon steel or stainless steel. Both are very rugged and possess high resistance to corrosion. The carbon steel wire mesh is either galvanized or coated with PVC to make it strong and rust-free.

What are the uses of wire mesh?

Wire mesh has a range of applications in which it is extremely useful. Some of the prominent applications of wire mesh are:

  • Concrete slab reinforcement
  • Fencing of buildings or other infrastructural projects
  • Mining
  • Heat treatment procedures
  • Machine snards
  • Green houses
  • Tree guard
  • Filtration
  • Security fencing
  • Animal and bird fencing
  • Insect and bird screening
  • Poultry cage

What are the different types of wire mesh?

You have different types of wire mesh such as:

  • Galvanized wire mesh: these can be either electro-galvanized or hot-dipped galvanized wire meshes made of low carbon steel
  • Welded wire mesh: these can be of stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper or aluminum.
  • PVC coated welded mesh
  • Welded steel bar gratings
  • Welded wire fencing
  • Crimped mesh

How is wire mesh measured?

Mesh size is measured between the center of the wires. It is denoted in mm/mm, for eg: 50X50 mm. The width height is usually 3,4,5,6,8 feet and length is measured.

How is welded wire mesh made?

Welded wire mesh is also commonly referred to as Weldmesh. This is made by taking two orthogonal steel wires that are welded together at intersections by a resistance welding process. This forms a grid of wire mesh that follows a set pattern by using a pattern board to weld the line wires.

The welding machine precisely drops the cross wires into place and welds them firmly. Thus a welded wire mesh is formed that has two distinctive planes of wire. Welding machines and Jig welders are used for the welding process.

What is galvanized wire mesh?

Welded wire meshes that use galvanized wire of low carbon steel in their meshes are referred to as galvanized wire mesh. The galvanization is preferably done before weaving the wire into a mesh.

It is possible to galvanize the wire mesh even after the welding is done, albeit this is a bit expensive. Thus you can have galvanized before woven and galvanized after woven wire meshes.

What is a GI wire mesh?

GI wire mesh is nothing but wire mesh made of galvanized steel wire. At the time of processing, the low carbon steel wire is coated with a zinc layer by a process known as galvanization. GI wire mesh is a welded mesh with square open spaces. This type of wire mesh is best suited for partition making, animal cage construction, fencing, and machine protection.

What is reinforcing mesh used for?

Reinforcing mesh is a prefabricated welded wire mesh that is used for reinforcing cement etc during construction. It follows a square or a rectangle grid and is manufactured in flat sheets. It gives an added advantage to the construction materials by increasing tensile strength and controls cracking.

Reinforced meshes are available as rectangular mesh, square mesh, and trench mesh. It is being used as a replacement of TMT bars.

What are the uses of wire mesh in construction?

Construction projects in the modern world rely heavily on precast fabrications that serve both as improving strength as well as being long-lasting. They are mainly used as enclosure fences, safety screens, wall as well as rock retention and roadways for bridge retention and highway maintenance.

Of these, GI wire mesh and plain steel are more widely used. Welded wire meshes are popular due to their cost-effectiveness and large open spaces. They are convenient too because of their rolled sheets.

What is 252 mesh?

252 mesh is a reinforced square wire mesh which contains longitudinal wire in a nominal area of 252 mm2/m. They come in a standard size of welded fabric sheets of 4.8 m/24m. Other sizes such as 3.62 X 2.0m are also available.

What are the sizes of wire mesh?

Wire mesh comes in a diameter size ranging from 2 mm to 8 mm. Roll sections are available from 23mm to 200mm. The width of the wire mesh roll is 3 feet to 9 feet which translates to 900 mm to 2700 mm.

What is 20 X 20 mesh?

Wire mesh that has 20 openings in one linear inch of the mesh is referred to as 20 X 20 wire mesh.

What is the wire mesh cable tray?

Welded wires are designed into a net to make wire cable trays. The steel wires used for this have a much higher strength than the usual ones. The wired net is then formed into a channel before it undergoes a finishing process.

The open areas in the wire cable trays have ample freeway space so that they assist the install cables to remain cool and not get overheated. Moreover, there is minimal dust accumulation and very easy to clean. Wire cable trays are useful in instrumentation sectors, pharma industry, data centers, and surgical medicine fields.

Do I need mesh in my concrete slab?

You need wire mesh in your concrete slab when you are doing heavy loaded projects such as columns, foundation walls, driveways, or car parking floors. This will ensure that the concrete is held together with minimal cracking. Moreover, the concrete required can be reduced to a thin pour and the height of the slab pour remains even.

How do you reinforce concrete with mesh?

To reinforce concrete with the mesh you need to:
First, lay down slabs in the fixed area in order to support the mesh. These are called slab runners and are roughly 4 feet long.

Next, lay the wire mesh inside the slab runner, keeping the edge of the metal away from the concrete pour. Now, lay the next sheet of the wire mesh exactly above the first mesh in such a way that you overlap one and a half square of the earlier sheet. Press it firmly.

Thirdly, tie both the wire mesh layers with wires at the intersection so that they do not move. Continue laying in this manner until the entire slab is reinforced.

What is 193 mesh?

Welded wire mesh is standardized all over the world according to the British standard denominations. So, you have A 193 or B 385, etc. So, the A 193 wire mesh has a cross-sectional area of 193 mm2 widths of wire fabric.

What is rebar? Is rebar better than wire mesh?

Rebar is nothing but a steel reinforcing bar that is generally laid down in separate units in larger squares, unlike the wire mesh. The steel bars are rounded with ridges measuring in varied sizes from 1/8th inch thickness. Any construction projects that require added strength and remaining crack free use rebars.

Whether rebars are better than wire mesh is a question of choice regarding cost and strength. Where rebars are definitely the stronger components, wire mesh is more cost-effective. But the crux of the matter lies in having a solid concrete base that will withhold the rebar or the wire mesh.

How is a wire mesh taken off?

First of all, you need to remove the majority of the concrete by hammer and chisel. The wire mesh is usually held in place by staples or tiny nails. So, what you can do is, take a hammer and a cat’s claw and slowly lift the wire mesh-up and loosen it from the studs.

You can alternatively loosen the fastener nails and the use of your body weight to leverage it upwards. You can even snap the wire mesh into small clunks and remove it slowly without much damage to the rest of the concrete area.

How Systematics manufacture the best wire mesh in the market?

The Systematics group specializes in wire meshes of all types and sizes. Each and every process such as galvanizing or wire drawing is done with utmost precision and care. The cost of our wire mesh is on par with any of the available wire mesh in the industry and quality is kept at the zenith.

We can provide you with the exact specifications needed and we even supply customized wire meshes. The shipment is damage-free and time-bound.

The systematic group has a wide range of wire meshes from stainless steel, galvanized, hot-rolled wire mesh, rebars, and GI wire meshes. You name it and we have it.

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