Re-drawing Wire

Wire for Re-drawing

Diameter (mm) Grade (AISI) Tolerance (mm) Tensile Strength(N/mm2) Packing
1.00 – 2.00 300 Series + / – 0.015 650 – 800 HDPE Wrapped Coils
2.01 – 6.00 300 Series + / – 0.020 600 – 750 HDPE Wrapped Coils
Please check with us for specifications not listed above

Safe packaging and delivery of these wires is essential to our promise of efficient end-to-end service. Our standard packing of wires is in superlative HDPE packing that ensures that the product reaches its destination in ‘mill fresh’ condition whether by air, land or air.

But we also understand your need for specific packaging of these goods and have the resources for maximum customization as required. Supplies are also made in Euro Coils/Cheese Coils and ‘Wooden reels and metal reels’.

Re-drawing Wire

Product description

Systematic is one of the most trusted redrawing wire manufacturers.

Our wires are of superior quality due to the perfect matt finish and the cleanness of the surface.

The soft quality of our steel wires makes them suitable for redrawing into wires with finer diameters. The redrawing wires have been manufactured with varies and suitable coil weights for minimum change over.

Based on the requirements, we offer a range of redrawing wires in diameters ranging from 1.0 mm to 3.0 mm with each differing in their tensile strength. These wires are also available in various grades like AISI 302, 304, 304 L, 316, 430 L thereby offering more options in quality.

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