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Top Supplier of GI Wire in Kolhapur – About Systematic Ltd

Systematic Group, established in the year 2000, with a capacity of 300 MT per month is now among the leading technology companies in steel wire transformation and coatings. We believe in the philosophy that when the right people with the right technology meets, innovation and transformation follows.

We as a team, are constantly working for innovation in the steel wire technology which will bring forth positive growth in the future. We provide a source of livelihood to 1200 people and our team includes highly skilled engineers, metallurgists, MBAs who are our building blocks.

Our steel wires are engineered for highly specialized applications in the power and transmission, infrastructure, auto-ancillary, agriculture, and allied engineering industries, not just across India, but also in Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

What we do

We process wire rods into finer sizes to meet the exact specifications of our customers. Based on the application, we transform the surface or apply coatings to improve the mechanical and technical properties of the wire rods.

Our initiative is to facilitate our employees’ professional development. Our excellent products, services, and solutions provide total satisfaction to our customers. Moreover, we invest in regular training programs to constantly add value to our employees’ competencies.

Talking about sustainability, which is also one of our major objectives, we strive to create sustainable value for our stakeholders by enabling growth and happiness. We understand the importance of change, which takes us to the next objective, that is, we anticipate and embrace changes.

Our success mantra, which is helping us to grow more day by day is, we have multiple hi-tech manufacturing units located near Mumbai, which is the commercial capital of India. We believe in achieving a little every day.

With the advancement of technology with modern production facilities, our annual capacity is in excess of 100,000 MT, which proves that we are leading everywhere. Not only this, but pan-India distribution is also our initiative which is helping us in growing more and more supply chains, all over the world. We value our customers, therefore, providing them the best service is our responsibility.

Our Marketing team is in Kolhapur as well. The management of our company makes sure that our customers leave with a good impression of Systematic as our focus is on facilitating their growth which in turn is our growth as a unit.

We deliver our product on time which showcases our attitude which is a very important quality when it comes to working as a team. Our spirit is always high when it comes to working and each of us understands the importance of their position.

Every employee of Systematic strives to provide the best service in his or her own field which is delightful. This helps in high productivity and efficiency; we usually set goals and thrive to achieve them. Apart from this, we take our competition quite seriously as the market is growing constantly and we must be ready to walk with it. The growth of our Kolhapur channel is our concern.

Our sales and distribution network in Kolhapur

We identify ourselves as the top supplier of galvanized wire in Kolhapur. Our customers in Kolhapur range from large OEMs, traders, distributors, and exporters; our service network of highly dedicated sales and technical people ensures our leading position for preferred Galvanized wire suppliers in Kolhapur.

We are one of the few galvanized wire manufacturers who have a field presence in Kolhapur With our focus and customer-centric attitude, we are able to provide:

  • Best Galvanised Wire (GI wire) price in Kolhapur
  • Supply quality HB wire to wire nails manufacturers in Kolhapur. We are the preferred wire nails raw material suppliers in Kolhapur
  • GI wire manufacturer with the direct presence in Kolhapur for best customer service
  • Top supplier of GI wire to barbed fencing wire manufacturers in Kolhapur
  • Top-rated construction and infra companies of Kolhapur buy binding wire from Systematic
  • Top Wire Mesh (wire jali) manufacturers and supplier in Kolhapur

Our products mainly include:

We are one of the few companies in India, to have an in-house R&D cell. We focus on improving the technical properties of steel wires and coating, to make it more of a quality product along with cost-efficiency.

We believe in spreading light everywhere through happiness and hard work. We have grown a little and are still on the path of growing; your cooperation, love, and support is our key to make wires better suited for you.

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