Ultimate Chain link Fencing Guide


Ultimate Chain link Fencing Guide

Posted on December 12, 2021

Chain link fencing is one of the most common types of fences used today. It’s affordable, easy to set up and maintain, and can be found in a variety of colors. Not only does chain link fence provide security for your home or property, but it also enhances the aesthetic value around your residence. Whether you need help buying chain link fencing or have questions about benefits of chain link fencing, this blog post has all the information you’ll need!

chain link fencing

Chain Link Fencing

Chain-link fencing is a type of fencing made up of metal wire strands that are linked together to form a mesh. It is often used for security or containment purposes, as it is difficult to climb or breach.

Chain Link Fence Popularity

Chain link fencing has been used as a form of containment for as long as it has been in existence, both to keep people out and to hold things in. It is a popular fencing choice as it is relatively cheap, easy to install, and can be adapted to fit most needs.

It also has a number of other benefits. It is strong and durable, meaning it can withstand a lot of wear and tear. It is also rust-resistant, meaning it can be used outdoors without corroding. And, lastly, it is easy to maintain and keep clean.

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Different types of chain-link fencing?

There are a few different types of chain-link fencing available on the market, each with its own unique benefits and drawbacks. The most common types are:

  • Galvanized chain-link fencing
  • PVC coated chain-link fencing
  • Mesh wire fencing
  • Heavy duty chain link fence

Galvanized Chain Link Fencing

chain link fencing
Metal chain link fencing in selective focus. Beyond the secure fence lies an empty green field, lined by trees.

Galvanized chain-link fences are made with high quality steel that has been hot dipped in molten zinc to protect it from corrosion and rust. It’s a tough, durable fencing option that is perfect for outdoor use.

PVC coated chain-link fencing

PVC coated chain-link fences are made with a thin layer of PVC plastic that is applied to the metal wire strands. This provides extra protection against corrosion and weathering, making it a good choice for outdoor use.

Mesh chain-link fencing

Mesh chain-link fences are a type of chain-link fence that has a mesh pattern rather than the standard diamond. They are more aesthetically pleasing, and sometimes used as a substitute for wrought iron or aluminum fence panels.

Heavy duty chain link fencing

Heavy duty chain link fencing is a more robust version of the standard chain-link fence. It is made with thicker wire strands and is more resistant to wear and tear. It is perfect for high traffic areas or applications where security is a high priority.

Benefits of chain-link fencing

There are a number of benefits that come with using chain-link fencing. These include:

  • It is a relatively cheap fencing option
  • It is easy to install and can be adapted to fit most needs
  • It is rust-resistant and can be used outdoors without corroding
  • It is easy to maintain and keep clean
  • It is strong and durable, meaning it can withstand a lot of wear and tear
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Drawbacks of chain-link fencing

There aren’t many drawbacks to using a chain-link fence, but there are a few. For one thing, it tends to take up more space than other fences made from solid panels. It also isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as other fencing options such as wrought iron.

Lifespan of chain-link fencing

The lifespan of a chain-link fence will depend on its quality, how well it has been maintained, and the conditions that it has been exposed to. For longer life, PVC Coated and Hot Dipped Heavy Galvanized Fence are recommended.

Is chain-link fencing appropriate for every application?

No, chain-link fences are not always the best option for every application. For instance, they are not ideal for areas where privacy is a high priority as they are quite see-through. They are also not suitable for use in high traffic areas as they can be displaced by strong winds.

Sizes and uses

Chain-link fences are available in a variety of different sizes, depending on your needs. At Systematic Group of Companies we provide chain link fence in following specification

Specification of Chain Link Fence

Hot Dipped Galvanized WireIS 280
Wire Size1.6 mm,2 mm, 2.5 mm,3 mm ,4 mm(16 gauge, 14 gauge, 12 gauge, 10 gauge, 8 gauge)
Width / Height3 Feet to 10 Feet
Length15mtr, 25mtr, 30mtr
Zinc Coating60gsm to 300gsm
Mesh Size1” to 4”  (25mm to 100mm)

Application of Chain Link Fence

Security fencing :

chain link fencing

Chain Link fence can be used  for security fencing or boundary fencing in residential, commercial and industrial sector. Security fencing can be erected around swimming pools, sports facilities, construction sites to provide safety and protection against unauthorised access.

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Security fences are usually constructed with mesh wire but sometimes bars are also used for added strength.

Decorative Fencing :

Chain Link fence is also used for decorative fencing.  Chain Link Fencing can be finished with PVC Coated Mesh which provides better look & feel for the fence.

Sports fencing :

Chain Link fence can be used for sports purposes to divide one field with another field.  Sometimes you can see chain link fences at sports arenas like cricket, hockey etc.

Agricultural & Farm :

Chain Link fencing is widely used for fences around farms and the agricultural sector. It’s easy to erect, maintain and flexible in installation so it’s the most preferred choice for farmers and people working in the farm sector.

Animal containment : 

Fencing off a certain area to contain animals is an easy and efficient way to keep them where you want them to be. Chain link fencing also allows for good visibility if you choose not to finish it with mesh, which can be important in some animal containment situations.


We hope that this Ultimate Chain Link Fence Guide has been helpful in your search for the perfect chain link fence. If you’re interested in learning more about our products, please don’t hesitate to reach out and we would be happy to help you find the right solution for your needs! You can also contact us with any questions or concerns via email at contact@systematicwires.com

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