Why is hot dipped Galvanised wire better than Electro Galvanised wire?


Why is hot dipped Galvanised wire better than Electro Galvanised wire?

Posted on January 01, 2019

Hot Dipped Galvanised Wire – Why To Use it

Let’s first understand what is electro-galvanised wire:

Electro Galvanization is a process where a thin layer is zinc is electrically and chemically bonded to the steel wire in order to give it a coating.

During the Electro Galvanization process, Steel wires are immersed in saline bath. Zinc acts the anode and Steel Wire acts as cathode and electricity is used to move electrons from anode to cathode. And the wire gets a thin layer of zinc which thereby forms a preventive layer.

When the process is complete, the finished coating is smooth, drip-free, and shiny—making it ideal for architectural applications or other applications where its aesthetic characteristics would be of value. However, once it’s exposed to the elements, the finish may deteriorate in a small amount of time.

Advantages of Electro Galvanized Wire

  • Cost-effective compared to Hot Dipped GI
  • Bright surface finish
  • Uniform zinc coating

However, there are some disadvantages of Electro Galvanized Wire

  • Short life span
  • Will corrode much faster than an identical product that’s been hot dip galvanized
  • Limitations to Zinc coating thickness

How is Hot Dipped Galvanised Wire – Hot Dipped (GI) Wire made?

In Hot Dipped Galvanizing process, single uncoated steel wire is passed through molten zinc bath. The wires are passed through molten zinc after going through a rigorous 7-step caustic cleaning process. The cleaning process ensures better adhesion and bonding. The wire are then cooled and a coating of zinc is formed.

Hot dip galvanizing provides much better corrosion resistance than electro galvanization because the zinc coating is typically 5 to 10 times thicker. For outdoor or caustic applications where corrosion-resistance is required, hot dip galvanized wire is the clear choice.

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Advantages of Hot Dip Galvanized Wire

  • Longer life span compared to electro galvanized
  • Process creates an iron-zinc alloy layer on the steel surface and a pure zinc coating on the outer surface. The alloy offers higher strength and resistance to typical abrasions.
  • Zinc coating thickness can be up to 10 times thicker than electro galvanized coating

Disadvantages of Hot Dip Galvanized Wire

  • More expensive than electro galvanized wire
  • Thickness of Zinc can be inconsistent across the product


The term “galvanized” only tells the end-user that some type of corrosion-resistant coating has been applied to the steell. However, suppliers may mislead whether the wire they’re selling is an electro galvanized or a hot dip galvanized.

Hot dip galvanized will always be more expensive than electro galvanized product because of a more labor intensive galvanizing process and because it offers greater resistance to rust and corrosion.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective option for a short-term project, or need a wire that won’t be exposed to the environment, then electro galvanized wire would be the best choice for you.

In order to specify the right type of wire for your next project, do your research and work with knowledgeable wire manufacturer. This will help ensure that the correct and most appropriate wire is purchased keeping your budgetary and performance requirements in mind.

At Systematic Group, we sell all different types of wire. We manufacture hot dip galvanized wires and our highly-trained Wire Specialists can help you determine the right type of steel wire for your application. If you’re interested in learning more about the different steel wires, or need a quote for your next project, contact us today.

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