Top 10 Barbed Wire Advantages


Top 10 Barbed Wire Advantages

Posted on March 03, 2021


Pirates of the Caribbean is a theme park ride found in many Disney Parks. Part of the ride teaches riders the park’s history, pirates, and pirates’ most valuable weapons: barbed wire. The metallic wire is used to keep fences secure. It’s used today worldwide in many different countries. So, it’s not just a piece of history. It is a valuable tool that is versatile in its use.


It’s origins date back to 1874 when inventor Joseph Glidden created it for a fencing competition in Illinois. Although many inventors were working on fences at the time, none had succeeded in creating a material that would be inexpensive and at the same time keep animals and people off the land. Joesph Glidden’s invention started out as a labor saving measure when he was hired to work for Jacob Haish on his farm and prevent animals from grazing outside the land.

What is Barbed Wire Made of?

Barbed wire is made up of a bunch of small metal wires that have been twisted together. These wires are then bent into pointed shapes with an eye-shaped piece to loop the wire around the posts that will be holding the wire up.

Top 10 Barbed Wire Advantages

barbed wire advantages
barbed wire advantages

1. Fencing off an area to keep animals in or out

Barbed wire is an affordable and efficient way of keeping your animals penned up.  While you can often buy cheaply made gi wire that will routinely break or come apart, the longer-lasting and more high-quality barbed wire will withstand even the most adventurous of animals. 

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The sharp barbs on the top of the panes of wire will cause injury to any animal that tries to get through it. By utilizing barbed wire on the end of a fence, animals are less likely to be able to quickly go through the fence to wander outside of their designated area. This is beneficial because animals are less likely to die or become injured if they cannot roam about freely. 

2. Military situations

During the American Civil War, one of the most infamous weapons used was barbed wire. They were used in military situations because they can be laid out in a pattern across fields and other open spaces to create an uncomfortable or impassable barrier. It has since then been modified to take on an offensive role on the battlefield. Used to slow progress of troop or vehicle movement, barbed wire forces enemies to take a more cautious approach in order to avoid getting injured. 

3. Easy to install

Barbed wire fences are an essential survival tool for people wishing to protect their land from unwanted intruders.  It is easy to install on most projects, making it an excellent choice for short-term or long-term fencing. The wire comes in different sizes and is easy to install

There are two different types of barbed wire, smooth wire and hog wire. It is important to note that Hogwire is coarser than smooth wire and allows more air through when it is installed, which can enable plants to grow around it, Barbed wire usually comes in coils and can be cut to the desired length needed. It is easy to take down as well if the need arises.

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It’s easy to use in residential and commercial areas because it does not require posts or stakes. It is a time-tested fencing choice for rural properties with less than one acre of space. This product is durable and will last for many years!

4. Saved lives during the Civil War

During the Civil War, barbed wire saved lives and helped bring about peace. The fence had been around and used for agricultural purposes for many years before the war. Still, it was not until the Union Army captured a Confederate shipment of wire that they realized that it could be a way to help themselves. 

5. Provide a sense of security

Security is one of the most essential things in human life. It provides us with a sense of safety and assurance among the many difficult times we experience in life. Our homes are typically considered a place where we feel pretty secure, and barbed wire fences may factor into this feeling. Many rural citizens have barbed wire fences around their property for this exact reason. 

6. Affordable compared to other fencing options

Barbed wire fencing is a durable, inexpensive material to use for animal containment on farms. It’s a fencing option that has been in use for over 140 years now and costs less than other materials you might consider. You can purchase barbed wire by the foot or buy it in spools, which equals 500 feet. They are also easy to transport because it is folded and compact.

7. Long-lasting

Long-lasting is one the main barbed wire advantages. If you want to save time and money in the long run, barbed wire fencing installation is the way to go.

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8. Low upkeep cost

Barbed wire is an excellent alternative to chain link as it has a low upkeep cost and can be installed in around the same amount of time. This is because it can be taken down and reused, whereas the chain link has to be replaced when the need arises. Chain link is also more expensive than barbed wire. Low upkeep and cheaper alternative is thus also one of the barbed wire advantages.

9. Construction sites

Bordered fences use barbed wire to serve as a barrier to passersby. More often seen at construction sites, barbed wire fences are made using the wire’s natural properties. A barb is given to the bottom side of a strand of wire that will get stuck in the person’s clothes when touched by a person.

10. Decoration in the garden

Barbed wire fences are most commonly used as perimeter fence to keep livestock from wandering off the property. But they can also be a beautiful decoration in the garden! The best way to use a barbed-wire fence in the yard is by using it as a trivet to hold potted flowers and plants. This will add some dimension to your garden and can even serve as an additional area.

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