How to Find Right GI Wire Manufacturer


How to Find Right GI Wire Manufacturer

Posted on October 10, 2020



It is great that you have a wonderful business idea in the form of the GI wire. You have also created an engaging website. You are aware of the various commercial applications of the GI Wire. You know how to use this GI Wire to use it for your needs and make products that would be well received in the market. Indeed, the GI Wire lends itself to different and interesting applications. 

Now comes the difficult part.

Searching GI Wire Manufacturer In India

You have the task of finding the right GI wire manufacturer in India. This one manufacturer or Supplier has to be chosen with great care. If you do not get it right, you will not make progress in your business. You might have to face issues of product quality, shipping delays, reliability, to name a few. The decision to shortlist the right GI wire manufacturer is an important one.

So how do you go about choosing the right GI wire manufacturer?

Points To Select GI Wire Manufacturer in India

gi wire manufacturer
gi wire manufacturer

● The credibility of the manufacturer

● Shipping and turnaround time

● Pricing and terms of payment

● Any MOQ level 

You have identified the broad parameters. You can now start shortlisting the list of manufacturers. 

Steps To Find Right GI Wire Manufacturer In India


You can do so keeping the below-mentioned parameters:

gi wire manufacturer in india steps
gi wire manufacturer in india steps

Search Online For Manufacturer

  1. You have to identify manufacturers who are already in this business. You then have to narrow the list down to a few. You can do this by talking to people in the market about them. 
  2. The internet is a great resource to check out reviews. You can join business groups on social media so that you get feedback. You can also talk to your peers in this business to find out. You should make a list of local manufacturers. Since they are closer to you, interacting with them becomes easier. 
  3. You can also search by industry. Another way is to search for product coding to identify potential manufacturers.
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Search Directories 

You can also check out suppliers in reputable directories like Just Dial or Indiamart.

Deal with Manufacturer Rather Than Broker 

It is always better to deal one on one with the manufacturer. You should avoid dealing with a broker or intermediary. It is a long-term business relationship that you will have to develop. Moreover, you can also cut costs when dealing one on one.

Check Out Suppliers Of Your Competitors

 Find out if the manufacturer supplies similar items to others in your business. You will get an idea about the reliability and experience of the manufacturer.

After Sales Support

You can check if the manufacturer offers customer support and is active on social media support groups? Does the manufacturer contribute to blogs, topics regularly? Can you make test calls to find out the response time and quality of the response?

Provide Samples with Pricing

Does the manufacturer provide sample pricing? It will give you a fair idea of the product quality. You can find out if the manufacturer can stick to committee deadlines. It will also help you identify which particular manufacturer has understood your requirement correctly. You can help the manufacturer by sending detailed documentation of the product.

Check MOQ 

Is the manufacturer insistent on a MOQ? Is this within your comfort level? It is especially so when you are starting with a new manufacturer? If you find a manufacturer who does not have a MOQ need, it might be ideal for you when the business is at its initial stage.

Turnaround time and Shipping 

What is the turnaround time? Is the manufacturer willing to pay the penalty if he is not able to deliver as per commitment?

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Commercial terms

What is the pricing? Though pricing should not be a very important consideration, you have to be ok with the payment terms. A manufacturer asking for a 100% upfront payment may not be suitable.

Can Supplier provide JIT? Inventory Level

What is the inventory level maintained by the manufacturer? It is very important. You cannot afford to have disruptions in supply due to the stock not being available at all times. You have to confirm, if required, can the Supplier provide you with a JIT service.

Quality of References

Is the manufacturer willing to provide references? It would help if you made a decision. You have to talk to those customers and find out the credibility of the manufacturer. Ideally, you should be able to speak to customers who have had a long-term relationship with the Supplier to find out the Supplier’s credibility.

Further Steps To Shortlist GI Wire Manufacturer in India

  • Once you have completed making a list, you can start contacting the manufacturers. You can ask for quotations. You can ask them to respond to specific queries based on the points mentioned above.
  •  Once they come back, you have to schedule factory visits wherever possible. This will give you the right idea about the capabilities of the manufacturer. You will be able to see the quality control processes, hygiene, and the employee’s morale. 
  • It is good business sense to identify at least a couple of manufacturers. Identifying the right GI wire manufacturer calls for a lot of research and legwork. 

By investing this time and effort, you will develop a long-term working relationship with a supplier of your choice. It will help you grow the business. It will also provide customer satisfaction to your clients.

Having said the above, the process of identifying the right GI wire manufacturer is not a one-time effort. 

You may have to check the progress with your current manufacturer. If need be, shift to another manufacturer already identified in due course.

Systematic Group of Industries – GI Wire Manufacturer in India

We at Systematics use state-of-the-art technology for our steel wire coatings and all other products. From the year 2000, we have been the suppliers of choice to a wide spectrum of industries and are also active in many international markets.

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Our products have the Bureau Of Indian Standards certification. We ensure they always conform to the DIN, JIS, BS, and ASTM specifications. It enables us to customize our products according to the needs of the customers.

We operate on a MOQ of 5MT.

Our products have the Bureau Of Indian Standards certification. We ensure they always conform to the DIN, JIS, BS and ASTM specifications. This enables us to customize our products according to the needs of the customers.


Product Particulars Specifications
Galvanized wire Diameter 0.90 mm to 6.00 mm
Grade Mild Steel
Tensile Strength 300 to 900 N/sq. mm
Zinc  Coating 30 to 366 g / sq. m. (Low / Medium / Heavy)
Standards IS 280(1978)
BS 443(1982)
BS 5467(1997)
BS 6622(2007)
BS 7846
ASTM A641/A641m (1998) Class A  IS G3547 (1993)
AS 1650 (1989)
AS 2423




GI Wire Applications 

gi wire applications

gi wire applications

  • People use them for security in the form of concertina wires due to the sharp edges. 
  • The construction industry uses them to support structures as these wires are very strong and perfect for wall projections. Handrails, walling, and roofing are other areas of usage. Civil engineers use them to make gabions.
  • The even zinc coating and smooth finish ensures they remain noncorrosive and make these wires ideal for window locking. 
  • Barbed wire fencing using the GI wire is a common application across fields and to protect solar panels.
  • Chain wires make for very strong fencing material and are used to cordon tennis courts, schools, and offices.
  • Their tensile strength is the reason they are also used to make animal cages.
  • In the commercial space, these wires are excellent as wire rope and as wire cloth for suspension bridges, orchards, and vineyards.
  • The telecommunications industry uses such wires for telephone wiring, and they also find a use for signaling.

To summarize, the main benefits or plus points are:

  • Long life of the product
  • Sturdy, robust, and tensile attributes
  • Maintenance-free 

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