Benefits of heavy Zinc coating


Benefits of heavy Zinc coating

Posted on July 07, 2019

What is Heavy Zinc Coating?

Did you know that the earliest recorded usage of Zinc can be traced back to third millennium BC? Also astounding, yet relatively less known is the fact that it was India that gave birth to Zinc mining on a largescale for commercial purpose. Isn’t it fascinating that metal so precious for millenniums continues to hold its sway in the modern world? It’s the immense versatility of Zinc that has contributed to its widespread usage in the form of alloys and coats that culminates in perennial global demand for Zinc.

What is Zinc Coating?

Zinc coating is a process of electrolytic application of Zinc on substrate metals – steel, in most cases – to prevent it from oxidation. Besides the obvious implication of corrosion resistance, heavy Zinc coating has wide-ranging applications across industries that make Zinc the fourth-most widely used metal in the world.

Benefits of Heavy Zinc Coating

1. Protection against corrosion:

The principal benefit of Zinc coating is its efficacy in staving off the oxidation of underlying substrate metals, thereby protecting them from rust and corrosion. Its high corrosion-resistance makes it a far more effective tool than Cadmium and Tin. Zinc acts as the first line of defence that protects the underlying steel from external elements.

2. Efficiency:

Even a hint of moisture in the air can trigger a spate of chemical reactions that cause metals to expand and corrode. Zinc’s barrier of protection makes the onset of oxidation a few hundred times slower than what it would without the galvanization.

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3. Risk:

Zinc is naturally found in the earthen crust. It is present in human bodies in small quantities, too. Unlike the Tin and Cadmium coats that make use of a large number of significantly hazardous constituents, the Zinc coats have far fewer elements that are potentially dangerous to humans and the environment, thus forming a more environment-friendly and less risky option than its other counterparts.

4. Cost-effectiveness:

While technological advancements have given rise to a lot of coating options, none comes closer to Zinc when it comes to affordability. This is partly due to abundant Zinc deposits in the earth’s crust; its extraction costs also are comparatively lower – not surprising, given the long history of Zinc mining. –– 5. Compatibility with different plating methods:

‘One size doesn’t fit all.’

A different purpose calls for a different size and a different workload volume. Be it rack plating or barrel plating, Zinc enjoys supreme compatibility with them all, allowing the Zinc coats to accommodate parts of varying sizes and volumes.

6. Finish:

While it’s the anticorrosive properties of Zinc that primarily makes its coat a compelling proposition, there are cases where Zinc galvanization is imparted purely for aesthetic reasons. The phenomenal advancements in technology and invention of a wide range of additives have made it possible for a galvanised steel wire manufacturer to control and customize the brightness of the coat as required.

7. Texture:

Zinc coats offer the flexibility of rendering different patterns and textures of choice on the final coat. Plenty of galvanised steel wire manufacturers in India not only customize the roughness of the Zinc coat but also lend different designs on the finish as per requirements.

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8. Undercoat:

A Zinc coat often acts as a sandwich layer between the underlying steel and outer paint. Its inertness towards both the substrate and the paint, coupled with its excellent adhesive properties makes it an outstanding undercoat proposition.

9. Ease of application:

The versatility of the Zinc lies in its excellent compatibility with most plating baths and substrate metals. Zinc electroplating is, thus, easier than its Tin and Cadmium counterparts.

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