What makes Systematic GI Wire High-Quality & Popular?


What makes Systematic GI Wire High-Quality & Popular?

Posted on November 11, 2021

Systematic Group is a leading manufacturer of Quality GI Wire. With over 15+ years of experience in the field, we leverage our knowledge and expertise to deliver high-quality products that are both popular and long lasting. Do you wish to know what are the steps followed at Systematic Group to ensure that it’s gi wire manufactured is of high quality?

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In our earlier blog post “How GI Wire Is Made?”, we had discussed how Wire Rods form an important raw material for manufacturing of High Quality GI Wire For Farming, Hot Dipped GI Wire and Wires for Gabion.

High Quality Wire Rods

Choosing a high quality raw material vendor is critical as it determines the end-product strength. If the wire rods have a weak composition then no matter how much effort goes into processing raw material to form GI Wire, the finished product will still be weak.

Here are a few criterias that we at Systematic Group take into account while selecting Wire Rods for its own product line of GI Wire For Fencing, Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire and Wires for Gabion.

  • Low Sulphur & Phosphorus Content: Sulphur and Phosphorus contents in raw material make it brittle. Hence, raw materials with low sulphur & phosphorus is preferred for manufacturing fencing wire rods and GI Pipes, Tubes etc.,
  • Low Tramp Elements: Tramp elements such as Chromium, Nickel and Vanadium in raw material make it hard. Hence raw materials with low tramp element content is preferred for manufacturing GI Wire Rods & Pipes, Tubes etc.,
  • Excellent Mechanical & Chemical Properties: Excellent raw material mechanical & chemical properties are essential for different wire rods applications to achieve desired end-product quality.
  • Surface Defects: Wire Rods raw material must be free of surface defects. We ensure that each raw material that we procure is tested for its raw material quality, chemical composition and mechanical properties before we process it further.
  • Internal Soundness: Wire Rod raw material must be free from any internal particle damage, splits or cracks.
  • Decarburization : Raw materials used at Systematic Group are de-carburized upto 1% max at the raw material stage. This is done in order to make it more ductile and easy to process raw materials further.
  • Control in UTS for High Carbon: UTS for raw materials is controlled in the range of 60 N/mm² max. This raw material property control allows us to manufacture high-quality GI Wire Rods, Pipes & Tubes at Systematic Group
  • High Material Strength: Raw Material Strength should be high enough to meet the customer’s requirements.
  • Corrosion Resistance: The raw material must have good resistance to corrosion and weathering. For e.g., High Tensile Wire Rods, GI Pipes & Tubes used for fencing, gabion mesh and other construction purposes.
  • High Ductility: High raw material ductility is essential for GI Wire Fencing raw materials so that it does not break easily under harsh weather conditions or exposure to different kinds of stress factors. Other examples include: high tensile strength wire rods used in the manufacturing of fence posts etc.,
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We source high quality Wire rods from Tata and JSW Steel Wire Rods . As a result our customers get high strength raw materials with excellent mechanical & chemical properties required for manufacturing of GI Wire Rods, Pipes and Tubes that are used in fencing applications.

High Quality JSW Steel & Tata Wire Rods are procured and processed further at Systematic Group’s manufacturing facility . Our facility is equipped with state of the art technology and equipment required to manufacture GI Wire. We are able to ensure Systematic GI Wire provides

Highly Resistant To Corrosion

gi wire
gi wire

GI wire manufactured by us is highly resistant to corrosion. Since it is manufactured using high quality raw materials from reputed vendors like JSW Steel and Tata Wires Rods, our GI wire does not get rusted easily and lasts long. Less rusting means less maintenan/ce costs for end-users . A cost effective solution that delivers value for money!

Long life expectancy

Our GI wire is manufactured using raw material from reputed vendors like JSW Steel and Tata Wire rods. It does not break easily due to its high strength raw materials used for manufacturing . Having a long life expectancy means less replacement costs for end-users. A cost effective solution that delivers value for money!

Heavy Zinc Coating

No other coating can provide the same protection. Our Heavy zinc coating not only protects the wires from corrosion but also ensures that GI wire lasts longer. With our heavy zinc coatings, we can ensure that you get a high quality product at an economical price!

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Timely Delivery

We are known for timely delivery of galvanized wire to our customers. We offer a wide range of galvanized wires for various applications . End-users can avail of different grades of galvanized wire for applications like fencing, construction and manufacturing purposes .

So next time if you are in need of quality GI wire, connect with the Systematic Group. A leader in the wire market for high-quality and long-lasting GI wires and other related products and services. We use only the highest quality raw materials to manufacture our goods.

We also offer competitive pricing on our products. Additionally, we deliver on time so your project doesn’t get delayed waiting for shipment or delivery!

If you need high-quality GI wire delivered reliably then contact us today via email at contact@systematicltd.com or on phone  +91 8080 933 666

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