Zinc Coated GI Wire from Systematic Group


Zinc Coated GI Wire from Systematic Group

Posted on November 11, 2020


The fight against external environmental factors like “corrosion” is a goal of today’s era.

The anti-corrosive coating of zinc is an effective way to protect the surface of steel wires. The zinc layer’s wiping is one of the most critical processes in the final drawing of the steel wire diameter.

The wiping process is affected by two parameters viz.

  • The manner of wiping of the steel wire surface
  • The cooling duration of the steel wire drawn from the coating tank.

The most common metallic finish of zinc is through electroplating or hot-dipping

Because of its low cost and continuing rust resistance, it is the most common technique used. Even if it gets scratched, the zinc surface protects the steel from any moisture attacks. Understanding the quality of the material has other benefits, too. 

Zinc coating GI Wire process followed by Systematic Group

  • Zinc coating on both the sides by hot-dip extends the life of the final product from corrosion.
  • Systematic always tries to give a rich & premium experience to its end customers. 

The galvanizing of steel at Systematic done with a thin layer of zinc. The wires are then dipped into a tank filled with molten zinc solids.

The levels in the hot-dip galvanizing process affecting the quality of steel wire;

  • The Zinc Bath Temperature
  • Withdrawal speed 
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The required standard of zinc coating increases if these points fail. The usual standard needs to be between 259g.m. 

Thus, the appropriate settings are also determined to reduce the mass of zinc coating. The result states the mass of zinc coating confirmed with the required standards.

The Systematic approach Of selecting the right raw material for GI Wire

We understand the gravity to deliver the best quality to our clients.

A constant check needs to be kept on all the minute details and steps. Some experts understand that every material has its unique attributes and composition. 

The environmental attributes about strength, corrosion, formability, machinability get categorized and analyzed.

Brief pictorial representation of setting the process: 

Quality levels checks by Systematic Group

The aim of Systematic is to know the need to ensure the goods meet the customers’ expectations. Our approach to measuring product quality is the following steps/ process:

  • Conformity of wire rod with the metallurgical certificate
  • Keeping a check on the surface of bare wire (dents, visible scratches or grease residue)
  • Smoothness of galvanized wire 
  • Uniform zinc coating (cracks and chipping after tests)

Systematic pre-dispatch inspection approach

  • Packaging check to ensure enough protection during transportation
  • Confirm the packaging is following specified requirements
  • Checking the diameter of GI wire as well as the IS standards
  • Checking the tensile strength 
  • Considering the type of coating of galvanize

Product validation (Test certification) 

This stage aims to ensure the quality and consistency of product properties. The following test of validation needs to be carried to ensure there is no fault in the final drawing:

  • Chemical composition test 
  • Verification of wire diameters 
  • Mechanical properties like a tensile test, wrapping test, bend test, etc. 
  • Test of coating for galvanization process
  • Ductility test
  • Tensile & elongation test
  • Test for Conformity
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The common misconception at the marketplace today:

The apprehended up selling occurring in the market place is:

  • Improper, unsuitable use of hot-dip galvanizing technology
  • Nontransparent & lack of much raw materials transparency 
  • Inability to regulate the amount of zinc applied
  • Invariable thickness of the coating

The market culmination 

Estimated India’s steel consumption would continue to grow at an annual rate of 18% until 2020. The demand for construction projects is fueled to worth $2-3 trillion. The scope of raising the total consumption of steel is enormous. The per capita steel consumption is only 44.3 kg, compared to 190.4 kg across the world and 318.5 kg in China. 

The Indian steel wire industry’s annual capacity is 2.5 million tons (valued ₹8,000) approx. The total production from the organized sector estimates to be 70%. 

The increase in the growth of steel production would make India one of the leading exporters. The availability of raw materials would provide growth opportunities for the steel industry.

If you are looking for a reliable GI Wire Manufacturer in India with quality levels checks, pre-dispatch inspection and test certification Systematicltd.com should be your preferred choice. 

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