What kind of wire should you use for poultry mesh cage?


What kind of wire should you use for poultry mesh cage?

Posted on November 11, 2019

Poultry Mesh Cage Wire

Poultry or chicken flock rearing is one of the largest thriving occupations spread across the diversity of India. Poultry can be sustained well in cages that allow a natural environment to the hens without feeling caged.

This will ensure better yield and a healthy coop. A suitable poultry mesh made of GI wire serves a dual purpose of safety and security. This is where a poultry cage or poultry mesh made of GI wire from Systematic Ltd. comes handy.

Type of wire used for poultry-cage

The ideal wire used for poultry cage or poultry mesh is Galvanised Steel wire, also known as GI wire. GI wire is not only affordable but also lightweight and flexible to use.
The high zinc coating can sustain the process of cage making and the welding processes that could lead to corrosion.

What is Galvanised steel wire popularly known as GI Wire?

By subjecting the steel wire to the galvanizing process, a protective zinc coating is applied over the wire to prevent it from corrosion or rusting. The zinc coating on the poultry wire gives it an extra edge on durability and can easily withstand for more than a decade.

The Poultry cage made from Systematic Wire will provide the utmost care to give it a smooth surface and greater shelf life. It is non-corrosive and the zinc coating makes it anti-rust too.

There are two types of GI wires:

  • Hot Dip GI wire
  • Electroplated GI wire

If you are more curious to know the difference between Hot Dip and Electroplated Galvanised wire, read our blog here.

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The hot-dip GI wire is superior to the electroplated one in terms of corrosion resistance and anti-rust properties. Poultry mesh made of GI wire is electrically welded at every intersection giving it superior tensile strength and at the same time retaining its flexibility to be bent and cut into any shape.

There are numerous advantages of hot-dip wire, in that, it covers the steel wire internally as well as externally. All the hollow sections are thus completely covered.

Hot Dip GI wire has the unique ability to repair itself. It protects the base wire and increases its longevity to around 50 to 60 years!! Thus it becomes long-lasting as well as affordable.

GI wire is measured in meters for length. A unit known as SWG (standard wire gauge) is used for its thickness.

Properties of good quality poultry cage wire:

  • Good tensile strength
  • Soft and flexible
  • Precise galvanization and zinc coating
  • Good ductility and durability
  • High standard wire

Factors to choose a good GI wire

While choosing a GI wire for poultry cage, Systematic Ltd, recommends GI wires that have welding quality and excellent tensile strength after welding.

Specifications of GI wire at Systematics ltd.:

  • Wire comes in varied thicknesses such as 1.6mm, 2.0 mm, 2.5mm, 3.0 mm and 4.0 mm.
  • The zinc coating is standardized at 90GSM/120GSM/275 GSM.
  • Best material properties to suit the poultry application.

Systematic Ltd., leading manufacturers of galvanized wire, ensure that the GI wire is on par with the best in the market. We are one of the most reliable wire manufacturing companies in India, which gives you value for money.

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GI wire, best suited for poultry cage and poultry mesh is manufactured with great precision, giving extra care towards the zinc coating or galvanization process. High standards in the galvanizing process result in high-quality GI wires.

We, at Systematic Group., specialize in top-class GI wires that are incomparable in many aspects such as corrosion resistance and long life. Our team of experts constantly upgrade the manufacturing process so that our galvanized wires are not compromised in durability.

Affordable prices with an approachable and friendly team make us the frontrunners in the field of Poultry mesh wire. Our prices are on par with any of the wire prices in India.

We, at Systematic Group., are proud to be part of Poultry India 2019, which is being touted as “South Asia’s biggest International Poultry Exhibition”.
This important event is being held at Hyderabad from 27th November to 29th November 2019 at stall no.V26 & V27 in hall no. 4.

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